viewing peer reviews online for health products

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as a health professional, it’s very easy to be skeptical of supplements, vitamins and anything that isn’t necessarily proven to work by science – although, that last statement should be said with the caveat of how difficult it is to prove things 100% with science…

anyways, I for one am into weight lifting, and it’s difficult for me and my nursing schedule – the two collide quite often… either in the form of being too tired to work out or not having a whole lot of time/lacking motivation – it’s a double edged challenge; even a sharp review page like this one is hard for me to trust 100% completely

here’s the thing though… being a nurse, I like peer reviewed best practices, and not just any online review by someone, anyone – when it comes to some type of muscle gain supplement, I tend to shy away from them, even though I feel like I’d benefit


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