Patient Care: Being Nice vs. True Compassion

This article was written by Karen Carson, the wife of the most very successful, #1 Water Damage Restoration & Repair Co in Phoenix, AZ – she writes on a number of topics, but loves covering healthcare most.

Have you ever caught yourself telling your kids to be nice?

Isn’t that an interesting thing? Because, when it really comes down to it, being “nice” and true compassion are too different things – if you ask me, when it comes to nursing and patient care, many of the smartest nursing articles will discuss the real nitty gritty.

Not the BS fluff, such as “be nice to everyone” and always smile… if you ask me, there’s a place for that, absolutely… but there’s also a place for simple, kind caring compassion, and I think it should come up much more often.

What do I mean?

Well, “nice” has a certain connotation… it’s almost like you’re “faking” a nice edge… true compassion radiates from within – the next time you see a nurse, watch him, get a ” feel” for him… you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Is this person is congruent and their light shines from within, you’ll get a totally different read on them – at that point, I call that compassion, not simply being nice for the sake of being nice – it’s subtle, but a magical quality of life.

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