Making the Change: From Nursing to Accounting

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Today we’re featuring a nurse who has gone from nursing itself as a career, to becoming a certified accountant and financial advisor. Even if you’re not a fan of numbers, you’ll get a lot out of this article because learning wealth and financial management has a lot to do with helping others, as well.


She also writes for a wealth resources center called GCBAdvisors, who helps consumers learn more about retire and what you can do to prepare.¬†They also have information on their website about the rates and payments of an early retirement through a process called 72t. While it may sound complicated, it’s actually a very straightforward process that allows you to pull from your IRA early without the 10% penalty.

There are also ways to promote your new firm. Online marketing firms know a lot about how to do this for you. It might be one in Scottsdale, or one out of state, but they have a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

The interesting thing is, most people don’t know about it or know how to put it into action. GCBA has advisors that you can speak to, that can help you get it setup and walk you through the whole process with the help of their firm. All it takes is emailing or calling them for more information. They’ll be glad to help and are caring financial experts.

Our resident nurse made the switch by going back to school and getting certified as an accountant. She helps many people still, which was one of her favorite parts of being a nurse. Now, she runs the numbers and helps out with accounting for small businesses and consumers. This she really enjoys and plans on doing it for years to come.

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