Discussing Meditation & Reiki for Healing

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Here’s the thing: as humans and analytic, logical people, we want to know the facts. Now, the ancients, they didn’t care, they discovered things through intuition and other individuals. They went a lot by how they felt, how they feel.


You’re best bet is to stay opened minded and give every form of healing a shot. In this modern day, we’re too quick too judge, often not allowing something new into our consciousness. So, while it may be true that methods like meditation, or reiki healing, aren’t necessary 100% proven by science, they’re absolutely vital to stress free living.

In the modern world (hello, that’s us now), we have so many different stresses, and ancient urges that we need to learn to either tone down or turn off. Some of these urges are so completely out of whack and tuned up way too high, this is where meditation can help calm your mind.

Reiki, at the very, very least is a great way to heal yourself by eliminating some of your stress. If you’re too pent up and always freaking out, your body doesn’t even have the capacity to heal itself, it’s too busy trying to keep you more healthy in the first place.

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