Deciding Between Nursing or Another Career Choice

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When you’re in your teens, it can feel like the world is at your fingertips – and it literally is!


Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the path you want to take when it comes to your career – and to be honest, whether you make one decision or another, it could be nursing, it could be another career choice… the possibilities are endless…

…for both “good” and “bad” experiences to show their face – odds are you’ll have both in many different forms.

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How the emWave2 Helped My Nursing Career

I’m a nurse, and it can definitely be a stressful job! Had I known this position was going to be so stressful, maybe I wouldn’t have taken this career path. It’s totally rewarding and I enjoy doing it, but other careers come with a rest or a break. However, ever since I purchased the emWave2 ( I’ve really seen results when it comes to my anxiety. Check out how this product could help you. Read my story and see how my career was helped by having this device!

My job is pretty stressful. On any given day, I’m running around doing a million things. However, I like to help people. In that respect, my job is not that bad. However companies and businesses are always looking to save money by having you do the runaround, so it’s definitely a trying career.

I’m just like any other person, I get run down and I get cranky if it all gets to be a little bit too much. I have been kind of looking around for stress solving solutions but I never really found that many. I tried meditating, I tried walking, I tried squeezing a very small stress ball, I tried everything.

Then I tried the emWave2, and it really did make a big difference! With this device, I started taking more notes on how my mood was and whether I would calm down after I paid attention to how my physiological processes were appearing when I looked at the screen. It’s one thing to know that you are being stressed and that it’s probably not that good for you– it’s another to really see it and have to be like, ‘wow, that’s definitely not in the range that it should be’. It’s like seeing your unhealthiness laid out in front of you, and that’s okay.

I finally started bringing the thing to work in my car so that I could take advantage of my breaks and use it. The device was instantly something that helped me hold a mirror up to my day and how I was doing. Let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to figure out how you’re doing without something that allows you not only to look at it but to keep track too. The emwave2 was that device that reminded me to check in with myself and see how I was doing.

At the end of the day, I would recommend this product to anyone! it certainly helped me to begin monitoring how i was doing and sort of get to where I need to go. There’s not a lot of things out there that can do this, and it’s nice to kind of have something to check in on and see how you’re doing. Now I’m calmer than ever on the job and more relaxed. Even my boss noticed I was more productive and gave me a raise! I love what I do now and it’s totally changed my experience with work.

Lots of people can do what I did and have a great result! It really helps you to focus on maintaining your calm and avoiding or choosing something that alleviates the stress. Thanks for reading, and try it out for yourself!

Making the Change: From Nursing to Accounting

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Today we’re featuring a nurse who has gone from nursing itself as a career, to becoming a certified accountant and financial advisor. Even if you’re not a fan of numbers, you’ll get a lot out of this article because learning wealth and financial management has a lot to do with helping others, as well.


She also writes for a wealth resources center called GCBAdvisors, who helps consumers learn more about retire and what you can do to prepare. They also have information on their website about the rates and payments of an early retirement through a process called 72t. While it may sound complicated, it’s actually a very straightforward process that allows you to pull from your IRA early without the 10% penalty.

There are also ways to promote your new firm. Online marketing firms know a lot about how to do this for you. It might be one in Scottsdale, or one out of state, but they have a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

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Switching From Nursing to Marketing

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So, what’s very fascinating about switching from nursing to marketing is there’s a lot you can do within the marketing realm. If you’re still passionate about nursing, you can certainly look to work with a company who promotes nursing materials or information.

Let’s say for example you’re going to work with a Phoenix SEO consultant. He may have you working on a nursing bras client, where you can lend your expertise to some of the health issues and challenges new moms come across. Or if you’re working with a SEO Agency in Phoenix (, the same thing can apply. Nursing has a lot to do with healthcare, that can apply to many projects.

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viewing peer reviews online for health products

Jennifer Smith is an education resource advisor, primarily working with online dental assisting programs to help students compare and find the right classes for them. Compare schools now and get started today. she recommends this Phoenix carpet cleaning company, as listed on RPTIA: Trusted Business Directory.

as a health professional, it’s very easy to be skeptical of supplements, vitamins and anything that isn’t necessarily proven to work by science – although, that last statement should be said with the caveat of how difficult it is to prove things 100% with science…

anyways, I for one am into weight lifting, and it’s difficult for me and my nursing schedule – the two collide quite often… either in the form of being too tired to work out or not having a whole lot of time/lacking motivation – it’s a double edged challenge; even a sharp review page like this one is hard for me to trust 100% completely

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The Truth About Nursing School Rankings

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You know, here’s the thing…

Those nursing school rankings that get published online are only as good as you utilize them to be… let me explain.

So much of the research process is based on what you’re going to be doing in what capacity, in what state and how soon – by all means, I certainly agree that you should get started with a nursing school soon, as in getting more information today, but I’m not sure you need to take the rankings to heart.

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Patient Care: Being Nice vs. True Compassion

This article was written by Karen Carson, the wife of the most very successful, #1 Water Damage Restoration & Repair Co in Phoenix, AZ – she writes on a number of topics, but loves covering healthcare most.

Have you ever caught yourself telling your kids to be nice?

Isn’t that an interesting thing? Because, when it really comes down to it, being “nice” and true compassion are too different things – if you ask me, when it comes to nursing and patient care, many of the smartest nursing articles will discuss the real nitty gritty.

Not the BS fluff, such as “be nice to everyone” and always smile… if you ask me, there’s a place for that, absolutely… but there’s also a place for simple, kind caring compassion, and I think it should come up much more often.

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Discussing Meditation & Reiki for Healing

About the Author: Danny Wilkins is a Dad, Brother and meditater. He recently got into a new hobby: metal detecting. He used Boomer’s Detector Guide (listed here, too), to find the best reviews on top units. He’s thinking of adding a gold metal detector to his arsenal for a different type of hunt.

Here’s the thing: as humans and analytic, logical people, we want to know the facts. Now, the ancients, they didn’t care, they discovered things through intuition and other individuals. They went a lot by how they felt, how they feel.


You’re best bet is to stay opened minded and give every form of healing a shot. In this modern day, we’re too quick too judge, often not allowing something new into our consciousness. So, while it may be true that methods like meditation, or reiki healing, aren’t necessary 100% proven by science, they’re absolutely vital to stress free living.

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